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Robotic Urology

What is Robotic Urology?

Urology is a forerunner in the use of robotic technology. Robotic Urology deals with the application of robots in urology. Robotic surgery is routinely performed on organs in the pelvis (prostate, urinary bladder, and uterus) and kidneys.

Robotic surgery has revolutionized the surgical procedures which until its advent were complicated and risk-prone. It is performed with a robotic surgical system called da Vince. Its components are:

  • Patient’s cart: It is the operative part of the surgical system with arms that support tools.
  • Surgeon’s console: It is the control core that is used to manipulate the instruments
  • Viewing tower: It is monitor  used to view the target anatomy

What are the advantages of Robotic Surgery?

  • Shorter hospitalization period
  • Better quality of life post surgery
  • Less pain and discomfort post surgery
  • Reduced chances of infection
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Minimal surgical scarring
  • Fast recovery
  • Fewer complications

In addition, a robotic surgery cases less fatigue to the surgeon, which translates into better surgical outcomes.

Radical prostatectomies, partial nephrectomy, radical nephrectomy and donor nephrectomy are being increasingly performed using da Vinci.




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