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Kidney Transplant

What is Kidney Transplant?

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure to place a healthy kidney in a person whose kidneys are no longer functioning properly. This is the last option in the management of kidney-related conditions. A doctor would recommend a kidney transplant when the kidneys have lost over 90% of their function and lifetime dialysis is the only other option left.

In some cases, a kidney transplant is dangerous than dialysis. Doctors recommend a transplant only when it results in:

  • Extension of life
  • Better quality of life
  • Fewer dietary restrictions
  • Lower treatment cost

In the case of a kidney transplant, only one donated kidney is placed as a replacement for two failed kidneys of the patient.

A kidney transplant is possible only when the compatible donor kidney is available. The donor can be living or deceased.

What are the risk factors of Kidney Transplant?

The risk factors of kidney transplant include:

  • Rejection of donor’s kidney
  • Blockage of ureter
  • Failure of the donated kidney
  • Infection with the donated kidney
  • Heart attack or stroke









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