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Penile Cancer


What is Penile Cancer?

Penile cancer is abnormal growth cells found on the skin or in the tissues of the penis. It usually starts on the skin of the penis and spreads inside. Squamous cell carcinomas is the most common penile cancer.

What causes Penile Cancer?

The exact causes of this condition are not known. Not being circumcised and smoking tobacco are considered as potential risk factors.

What are the symptoms of Penile Cancer?

Some of the signs that warn of penile cancer are:

  • Changes in the color of the skin on the penis
  • A lump on the penis or in the groin area
  • Smelly discharge underneath the foreskin
  • Soreness and bleeding

These symptoms can be shown due to some infection. However, by getting checked penile cancer it that is the case can be detected early.

How is Penile Cancer diagnosed?

A lump on the penis, or redness/irritation, hints at the possibility of penile cancer. Imaging tests like X-rays, CT scans and ultrasounds reveal the presence of any tumors. A biopsy is conducted to ascertain them as cancerous tumors.

What are the treatments of Penile Cancer?

Here are some of the treatment options for penile cancer, based on its stage.


An extremely cold liquid is used to destroy the tissue that contains cancer.


In cases of cancer in the foreskin, the surgery is performed to remove the foreskin.

Mohs surgery

Affected skin is removed one layer at a time till only healthy tissue is left.

Radiation therapy/chemotherapy

Administered to kill cancer cells in the early stages of cancer or post-surgery to remove the tumor.


Surgery to remove all or part of penis. This is resort in very advanced stages of cancer.



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