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Pediatric Urology

What is Pediatric Urology?

Pediatric urology is a specialty area in urology that deals with diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired urological problems in children.   Some of the common ones are urinary tract infections, disorders of urination, hypospadias, antenatal hydronephrosis and vesicoureteral reflux.  Some of these conditions are diagnosed during prenatal ultrasound.

What is the scope of  Pediatric Urology?

The scope of pediatric urology includes:

  • Management of voiding disorders that require surgery
  • Surgical management of tumors in urinary tract and testis
  • Correction of genital abnormalities, and disorders of sex development
  • Surgery for groin conditions like varicocele, undescended testes, and hernia
  • Surgical reconstruction of the urinary tract
  • Diagnosis and surgery of kidney stones
  • Management of urinary tract problems that are a result of some neurological conditions

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