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Diabetic Kidney Diseases

What is Diabetic Kidney Disease?

Diabetic kidney disease is the condition where the kidneys of a patient get damaged due to diabetes. Studies indicate that diabetes is the top cause of kidney failure.

What causes Diabetic Kidney Disease?

In diabetic patients, the high levels of sugar in blood cause damage to the blood vessels in kidneys. Kidneys start losing their function as the blood vessels get damaged. High blood pressure, another characteristic of diabetes is also a trigger for kidney failure.

Diabetics, who smoke, are overweight, have heart disease and eat food high in salt are at a higher risk of developing diabetic kidney disease.

What are the symptoms of Diabetic Kidney Disease?

In the early stages of diabetic kidney disease, symptoms rarely show up. In advanced stages, the symptoms are:

  • Swelling of hands, legs and face
  • Itching and dry skin
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Muscle twitching
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Trouble in concentrating

Diabetic patients should every year get tested for kidney disease.

How is Diabetic Kidney Disease diagnosed?

Urine tests and blood tests reveal kidney diseases if any. Protein in urine is an indication of kidney disease. Image tests are run to assess the extent of damage caused to the kidney.

What are the treatments for Diabetic Kidney Disease?

Treatment of Diabetic kidney disease includes treatment to:

  • Lower blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Slow down kidney damage
  • Manage symptoms

At advanced stages kidney failure treatment involves dialysis or a kidney transplant.

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