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What is Endourology?

Endourology is a surgical specialty area in urology.  It deals with how endoscopes and other instruments are used to see into the urinary tract and male reproductive organs and perform a surgery.

Endourology is minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery. The instruments used include graspers, cautery, lasers, special scalpels, and miniature stone retrieval baskets.

What are the procedures under Endourology?

Endourological procedures include:


Cystoscopy is used to treat bladder stones and tumors. In this procedure, flexible plastic tubes called stents are passed into the ureter to relieve the blockage there.


This is a surgical procedure to treat stones and tumors of the ureter. Ureteroscope is passed through the urethra and bladder into ureter to identify the location of the stone. Then based on its size, it is either extracted or broken into smaller pieces.


Nephroscopy is a popular procedure used by doctors to remove stones and tumors off the kidney lining. A small instrument called nephroscope is introduced into the body througha small incision and the tumors or stones are pulled out with it.

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