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What is Varicocele?

Varicocele is enlargement of a veins in the scrotum. This condition is similar to varicose veins that occur in legs.

Varicocele is common problem among men and it usually starts during puberty. The condition leads to reduced sperm production and quality.

What causes Varicoceles?

The exact causes of varicoceles are not know. When the valves inside the veins of scrotum prevent blood from flowing properly, the veins dilate. Varicoceles usually occur on the left side, probably because of the position of the left testicular vein.

What are the symptoms of Varicoceles?

Varicoceles can be identified by:

  • A lump on testiciles
  • Visibly enlarged and twisted veins in scrotum
  • Swelling in scrotum
  • Sharp to dull pain in scrotum

How is Varicoceles diagnosed?

Varicoceles can be diagnosed by physical examination. They can be seen on the testicles. In some cases, where they are not visible, a scrotal ultrasound will reveal them.

What are the treatments for Varicoceles?

Varicoceles do not require treatment in most of the cases. In severe cases where the condition is causing pain, testicular atrophy or infertility, treatment to correct the condition is necessary.

The treatment options include:


The abnormal veins are clamped or tied off so that the blood from them can flow into the normal veins

Varicocele embolization

Blood is blocked from entering the abnormal veins, using a coil and catheter

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