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Erectile Dysfunction


What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is persistent inability to get and maintain erection firm and long enough to have sex.

Erection trouble once in a while is not a cause for concern. But if the problem persists, it is time to see the doctor. Sometimes this problem is a symptom of an underlying health condition which needs attention.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction?

A number of physical and psychological conditions can cause erectile dysfunction.

Physical causes

Thyroid conditions, Peyronie disease, multiple sclerosis, heart diseases, diabetes, high BP, injuries in the pelvic area, obesity, Parkinson’s disease and Atherosclerosis can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Psychological causes

Anxiety, depression, guilt, and fear of intimacy can also result in erectile dysfunction.

What are the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by an inability to:

  • Achieve erect penis
  • Maintain erection long enough to complete copulation
  • Ejaculate

How is Erectile Dysfunction diagnosed?

The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction aims at identifying the underlying cause. The following tests are conducted:

Physical examination

To check for nerve sensation

Blood tests and urine tests

To check for signs of diabetes, heart diseases, thyroid conditions etc.


To see if there is a problem in the blood flow

Psychological examination

To screen for the psychological triggers

What are the treatments for Erectile Dysfunction?

The treatment is aimed at correcting erectile dysfunction and also to address the underlying cause. Medication and psychological counseling can provide a long-term solution to the condition and its underlying cause. A temporary and quick fix to the problem is penis pumps. When the condition is severe and other alternatives have been ineffective, doctors recommend penile implants.






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