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WHATIS INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS (IC)OR BLADDERPAIN SYNDROME (BPS)? Interstitial cystitis (IC) or bladder pain syndrome (BPS) is a long-term problem with bladder pain. It is not an infection, but it can feel like one. It causes pressure in the bladder area. This pressure or pain can last for 6 weeks or more with no clear cause. There can also be signs like a regular, urgent need to use the bathroom. Everyday life with IC/BPS can be very hard. However, there are treatments available so that you shouldn’t feel bladder pain. We can help you find a solution for IC/BPS. WHAT ARE THE CAUSES AND

Several health issues and ailments are the subject of discussions at all gatherings. However, issues relating to health of the bladder are less-frequently discussed due to various social reasons. Therefore, awareness pertaining to bladder health and precautionary measures is low among the people. The common ailments related to urinary bladder are bladder infections, urinary incontinence and urinary tract infections. These conditions are worsened due to improper diet conditions and old age. Let us take a resolution to take care of the vital organ - bladder - by following the below given tips: Drink enough fluids: This is the easiest way to

Studies from across the world reveal that smoking is the world's most needless cause of death.  Smoking, both in active and passive forms causes many types of cancers. Smoking significantly impacts the urological health too.   Given below are some of the urological conditions that can be triggered by smoking: Bladder Cancer: Because of smoking many harmful chemicals and drugs are collected in urine. These chemicals impact the bladder lining severely and in turn causes bladder cancer. Erectile Dysfunction: Smoking is said to be the primary cause of Erectile Dysfunction and research shows that over 20 million men are affected by it.